Values & Principles


An “Alloy” is formed when one or more elements combine to create a partnership which is stronger than any one of the elements on their own.
The Alloy Team partners with owners and management to build value through pursuit of thoughtful, innovative and well-defined growth.


Innovation is the core of Alloy’s purpose and drives how and with whom we work. For our portfolio companies, Alloy creates innovative growth capital solutions tailored to the unique needs and assets of the business.
For our shareholders and investors, Alloy endeavors to generate strong risk adjusted-returns using well-tested methods and structures.


We strive for excellence on behalf of our portfolio companies, shareholders, investors and teammates.
In all that we do, excellence is the focus of our goals on the path to outcomes.


We do what we say we are going to do. Period.

Global experience with localized understanding

Alloy Capital is led by executives, each with at least 25 years of experience, providing financing to support growth companies in Mexico and the United States.

Alloy shareholders are accomplished US-based private investors with significant and long-term interests in financial services, energy, real estate, and other businesses. The combination of successful long-term investors and seasoned finance professionals results in a unique partner that understands how to make financing work efficiently for you.

Innovative capital solutions customized for each client

All our products are adaptable to the specific needs of our clients and partners. The Alloy team is multicultural and has worked with companies of all types, sizes, and stages (particularly middle-market companies) and understands their unique needs.


New challenges, innovative solutions

Growing companies frequently encounter difficulties in obtaining the specific type of financing they require from traditional providers. Business owners know that access to tailored financing with knowledgeable parties and the speed of their response, are fundamental to growth.

International operations

Your company needs a partner that supports your international operations, including cross-border opportunities. Operating in Mexico and the United States and with a knowledge of other markets, Alloy has the experience that will allow you to meet the full range of challenges you face as a middle-market and growing business.


Our History


Alloy Merchant Finance, LP launched as permanent capital company to invest growth capital in well managed middle-market companies in underserved markets.


Alloy launches the first fund to co-invest with Alloy in larger transactions, Alloy Merchant Partners, LP (AMP I) in the amount of $21 million.


Alloy launches AMP II in the amount of $48 million.


Alloy launches AMP III in the amount of $55 million.