Capital for your growing business

Technology and software finance programs

Technology and software finance programs enable companies to offer a solution to clients that want to finance their new technology and software equipment purchases or services rather than pay for them in cash or source their own financing.

The flexibility of these programs allow growing small and medium size companies to acquire the latest technologically advanced equipment or services without making a large investment, all while supporting the vendor to increase its sales. Technology and software finance programs are offered in Mexico.


  • Alloy qualifies and authorizes financing based on the credit quality of each client and the proposed structure of the sale.
  • The vendor sells on credit and begins collecting payments.
  • The client is notifiedand Alloy finalizes its underwriting.
  • Once approved, the client directs its payments to Alloy.
  • The vendor continues to support the client and honor the warranty on the equipment under the terms of the original contract.